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Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to make 계란찜 Steamed Egg

I don't really like steamed egg but my boyfriend and sister do. It's certainly a healthy and simple dish. The Japanese call it Chawanmushi. You can alter the recipe by adding in pre-cooked seafood or chicken into the egg mixture. The recipe below is good for 2.

Ingredients required:

Main dish (A)
2 Eggs

Seasoning (B)
0.5 (100ml) cup of water
Few strands of dried kelp

Seasoning (C)
1 tbsp prawn stock
0.5 tbsp rice wine
Some pepper and salt (approximately 2 pinches)

Place the kelp in the water and let it sit for a few minutes.

Add 2 eggs to a bowl and beat till the texture is constant.

Add in seasoning (C), continue beating and then add in seasoning (B) and mix.
Place a steaming rack in a pot filled with boiling water and place the bowl on top of the rack.

Steam for about 18 minutes. I added in some spring onion and chilli at about 8 minutes when the egg starts to harden a little. I am not really a fan of steamed eggs, you can try different variation of the recipe (adjusting the steaming duration, the texture of the egg etc).

Have fun.

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