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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recent Travel To Jeju - Full Itinerary

This trip will be my 5th trip to Jeju. Since we have already visited most of the attractions there and coupled with the bad weather, we didn't do much this time round except to chill in the hotel and enjoy the good food here. For more details on Jeju travel, visit my previous post here.

We took Jeju Air which departs from Gimpo Airport. During this non peak season, it costs less than KRW50,000 for a one way trip. It's a B737, 6 seats abreast.

I am fascinated with how busy Jeju airport always is. No matter which season (been there in summer, autumn and winter), the flights are almost always full.

After alighting and getting our luggage, first task is to visit the car rental counter. KT Kumho has been bought over by Lotte and it is now called Lotte Rent Car. The counter staff will direct you to the gate where the bus is waiting.

Car rental centre where they process your booking, check your driving license, passport etc
After you are done with the administrative stuff, the staff will bring you to your car. If you have rented a Korean made car and purchased insurance, there is not much to worry about checking and reporting defects/scratches to the staff. For safety sake, you should still do a basic check. If you have rented a non Korean made car, insurance will not give you a 100% protection. If I am not wrong, it only insures you up to 40%? Thus, it is very important for you to report the defects to the staff before moving off.

This time round, we have rented the all new Avante. It costs around KRW150,000 for 4 days rental. This car has only travelled 2,600km so it is pretty new. PPK is a car enthusiast thus we are always trying out new models.

Our first stop is none other than jeju black pork restaurant. This time round, we have chosen Seongeup Chilsipri Sikdang (성읍 칠십리 식당) which was featured in Korea culinary program.

What is so special about this restaurant is that they used Jeju's speciality, Jeju tangerine, to barbecue their pork. The pork is barbecued with the tangerine before it is served (to be barbecued a second time).

Kimchi fermented with tangerine (find it quite refreshing although wouldn't classify it as delicious) 
So, after first round of barbecue outside by the staff, the black pork is served (can still see the black hair which authenticates it, don't worry, the hair will drop off once grilled). The restaurant basically only has 2 main menu, once seated, they will ask whether you want the ogyeapsal (belly) or normal meat (neck and leg).

This is the ogyeopsal (오겹살) which costs KRW18,000 per person. The normal one costs KRW13,000 per person.
To be barbecued with gosari (고사리) which is a kind of herb (on the left in the picture above), garlic and kimchi
You can add on fried rice (볶음밥 pronounced as bokkeumbap) but we were too full after 2 servings of ogyeopsal and 1 serving of normal meat. I don't really like black pork but I must say that this one taste good. However, one thing I do not like about this restaurant is the hygiene. The cutlery feels oily, the table is dirty etc.

In case you are interested to visit, the address is as follow:
74 Seongeupjeonguihyeon-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea

I have been eyeing this coat since my last visit during Christmas. When I have finally decided to get it, I was told by the shop assistant that the size and colour I was looking for has already been sold out in the whole of Seoul. PPK was quite determined to help me get hold of this coat despite the shop assistant advice. He called almost every branch he could get hold of and finally, we found 1 last piece in Jeju. It must be fate. This is from a well known local brand called Soup (can be found in most departmental store). It is made in Korea (checked the label) and costs KRW230,000. Have always been looking for a coat with hoodie and thanks to PPK's mum for paying the bill.

Our first hotel for the night is Boo Young hotel. It is quite new and is located near to duty free shopping. We have stayed in so many hotel and one rule of thumb is to filter for the new hotels first. These hotels are usually cheaper when they first open for business. How you locate new hotel is by filtering for one with most stars but least number of review.

There is free underground parking in this hotel. One night costs us around KRW120,000. I don't think I will go back to this hotel again.

Very average hotel room, clean of course. This hotel feels more like an apartment

The next morning, we woke up late and headed directly to our favourite restaurant 춘심이네 (Chun Shim E Ne). You can find more information about this restaurant in my previous blog here.

As always, this restaurant is full of people
This time round, we ordered the Galchi Jorim (갈치조림) which is a kind of stewed fish. This costs KRW60,000 for 2 person. Like always, impressed by their side dishes.

This is the stew
Grilled saba fish that comes together with the order
This tastes heavenly
After lunch, we checked into our second hotel, Shilla Hotel. This is one of the few hotels that we have stayed for a second occasion in Jeju. We are really impressed with this hotel, if only it could be cheaper. We paid around SGD312 a night, inclusive of breakfast.

They actually have a designated check in reception area where the staff will lead you to a seat, ask for your name and handle all the administrative work while you enjoy the tangerine tea. They will bring the key to you and lead you to your room. Now you know what you are paying for.

The room still looks the same as my last post. They offer a complimentary dried tangerine snack which I really like (can be bought at the gift shop in the hotel).

The bathroom is huge and they offer molton brown amenities.

Even in winter (at -10 deg celcius), the heated pool (can see steam) is filled with people. There is a large screen showing movies which you can watch when taking a swim. The outdoor pool is connected to the indoor pool. You can warm yourself up at the fireplace or the sauna room.

After checking in, we went to Osulloc to help my sister get her green tea milk spread (costs KRW8.500) Heard that it was selling in SG at twice the price.

No trip to Osulloc is complete without ordering at the cafe. We had a hard time trying to look for seats, thought there will be less people in this chilly weather but we were wrong.

Green Tea O Fredo (KRW7,000) and green tea roll (KRW5,000)
We tried the black pork sausage on our last trip and just couldn't give it a miss since we are here. I have taken a photo of the menu at Innisfree Jeju House.

This time round we ordered the same black pork sausage (for takeaway), carrot soup (does not have the carrot taste, I hate carrot but this is good) and Harabong blender (my absolute favourite).

Carrot soup costs KRW5,000 and the blender costs KRW6,000
Ordered this as takeaway, costs KRW8,000
It was really too cold to venture out at night and we had a heavy lunch/high tea thus decided to pack dinner from Mcdonald. Surprised to find Mcdonald selling decent tasting churros at KRW1,500.

The main highlight for us at this hotel is the breakfast buffet. What I really like about the breakfast is their pastry.

Pineapple is sweet and juicy

Croissant tastes as good as the ones from France, no joke
They serve cappuccino
You can order coffee takeaway as well from their coffee corner before you leave.

This is the view from the mountain view room. It was snowing.

The weather was really bad and usually we don't expect such weather in Jeju. Strong wind coupled with intermittent snowing. It can be sunny for the first 30 min and then snowing for the next 30 min. This continues throughout the day. Thought of visiting Yongyeon pond/lake but had to ditch this plan due to the weather.

Once again, we visited my favourite place, Woljeongri beach. This beach really looks different during summer and winter.

This was taken on the way to Woljeongri beach

The wind was too strong and we had to seek shelter at M Churro, which has a great view of the Woljeongri beach.

Free parking infront of the building
Chose a seat with a clear view of the beach. There were actually people surfing in this weather.
My must order Yuzu drink, even during winter
Enjoying churros with a sea view
We then checked in at KAL hotel located near Jeju City (near to the airport as well). This is because we have a flight to catch the next day. I don't like the hotel at all. It is cheap, costs around SGD90 a night. However, there is no free wifi. The hotel is jaded but still considered clean. There is cable tv.

The room is good for 3, one single bed and one queen size bed. You can see planes taking off from a distance. We had to constantly look out for planes to assure ourselves of the flight status. The wind was at 30 knots which endangers takeoff/landing. 

Every trip to Jeju, we can't give sashimi a miss. Once again, we visited the restaurant at Dong Mun Market. This time round, we decided to takeaway. We do see stalls selling cheaper sashimi as compared to this stall but what is baffling is the crowd at this store. Almost everyone in the market congregate at this stall. PKK says it is because the quality of the seafood at this stall can be trusted. It seems like the chef mastered their skill in Japan as their outfit is very Japan-like. The stall is definitely clean.

We ordered sashimi and sashimi don. Somehow, the sashimi in the sashimi don (KRW7,000) tastes better. This is really cheap and good. The sashimi costs us KRW20,000.

The next morning, we woke up late and checked out only at 12pm. We had to return our car at 1pm. Feeling hungry and having a craving for rice cake, we headed out to V Tteokbokki shop after searching for recommendations on naver (naver recommendations never fail). This shop is located opposite Sahara hotel.

It is a shop with small seating capacity, they do alot of takeaway though.

We ordered 1 serving of rice cake (1 serving is already alot), 1 serving of fried cuttlefish (leg only) and 1 serving of potato wedges. Unfortunately, they do not have English menu but fortunately, they have pictures on their menu. I fell in love with their fried cuttlefish. If we were to visit again (definitely will), we will try out their gorgonzola pizza (a hit item in Korea, first pizza in the menu above).

After a satisfying brunch, we headed back to the car rental centre. Before returning, we had to make a stop at the petrol kiosk. One thing good about the navigation system is that it shows the price of petrol at each station. We called the car rental centre and they informed us that each litre will be charged at KRW1,375. We found a petrol kiosk near the centre that was charging at KRW1,360.

The shuttle will take you back to the airport.


  1. How is the new Avante? I thinking to rent this or K5. Any advise?

    1. The new K5 will be more spacious. New Avante is great too and will be cheaper as compared to K5.

  2. Hi Jane can i have your itinerary for the whole of Korea trip? it will be my first time there and i am having a hard time planning where to go and stay. my email address is Thank you.

  3. Hi I am planning to go to Jeju as the first stop for my incoming trip at Nov. I can either buy SG – Jeju (Korean air) or buy domestic flight separately. Despite of $, which is the more convenient way?
    If by Korean air, I got to stop at Incheon and then fly from Gimpo ~ can you share with me what is the ‘procedure’ of this kind of transferring airport and what should I take note?

    1. Hi, if you are buying 2 sectors separately, you will need to take a bus from Incheon to Gimpo, takes about an hour. You will have to clear immigration at Incheon, take a bus to Gimpo, check in and clear immigration at Gimpo. Unless you want to spend some time in Seoul, I will suggest direct flight (problem is I dont think any airlines offer direct flight from SG to Jeju yet?). Depending on your budget, you can also consider taking a flight to Shanghai and then taking spring air (same airport) to Jeju which is quite cheap as well.

    2. Hi Jane, your reply helped alot!! Ya there is no airline offer direct flight yet! thanks!

  4. Hi Jane, can i have your itinerary for seoul and jeju? My email address is Thank you.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Am I crazy to spend 9 days (including return travel from Singapore) to Jeju in the first week of December? Are there enough activities to fill the vacation?


  6. Hi Jane, I will be travelling to Jeju in the beginning of December and planning to drive. Safe to drive during that period as winter is approaching and will it snow?