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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

Just a little information about myself first. I am a final year university student and am having my holidays right now. Mid June, I will be travelling to Japan to do a 2 month summer exchange at one of the local universities.

I have recently been to Korea, Seoul for my grad trip with another one of my friends. We have been to countless sites and blogs to find information for our trip. There ae a couple of official sites that will list out the popular attractions and general facts. You get bits and pieces of information here and there but just feel that it ain't comprehensive enough. This has motivated me to come out with this blog to fill in the gaps and hopefully help you to create your perfect travel itinerary.

I am also exploring opportunities to do an online spree for Korean + Japanese cosmetics and fashion (delivery in Singapore and Japan only) since I'll be in Japan for 2 months. Do tell me your response and visit my blog often! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow, I wanna go to Korea and Japan too! I checked out your other entries as well and they were all great! I especially loved the pictures. They were oh so clear. I'll look forward to more posts from you. Great job! Great talent too! I watched your piano covers on YouTube. Yesung's "It Has to Be You" is a favorite of mine too. :-)