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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What to eat in Seoul

Let's first start with breakfast. Usually, we scrimp on breakfast by just surviving on milk and rice wrap (different flavours available). The milk taste fantastic there, I encourage you to try different types each morning.

You can also try the Jook (porridge) that became popular due to the drama BOF. One of the branch of the shop that Geum Jandi worked in is in Myeongdong.

Their Jook comes in many flavours (tuna, pumpkin, mushroom etc). Mine was tuna and cost 7,500won. The name of the shop is called Bon Jook ( 본죽). From Myeongdong subway exit 6, walk straight and at the first junction, turn right. It's located on the second floor, shouldn't be hard to find.
As for lunch and dinner, top on the list would be Samgyapsal (BBQ pork). Order cass beer (Korean beer, taste pretty light) to go with the pork, it tastes good. If you aren't a drinker, mix the cass beer with Coke.
Followed by dwenjang jjigae (stew).

Alternatively, if the weather is hot, I strongly recommend the Mul Naeng Myeong (cold noodles).

Next up is Bibimbap which cost me 5,000won (most Bibimbap in Korea contains beef, unless it's vegetable bibimbap). You can also order Gimbap (Korean sushi) to share with your friends. The Gimbap (cost around 3,000 - 3,500won) taste pretty good in one of the restaurant in Myeongdong. There's also a branch in Ewha. I forgot the name of the shop but it contains a chinese word 张 in it. The photos are not with me right now.

Koreans like to enjoy soju in tents that look like these. We wanted to try out the experience of dining there thus we went into one of the tents at Namdaemun. These were what we ate and it cost us 15,000won. The most expensive dinner we had in Seoul. The pancake tasted good though.
If you still feel hungry, you can always try out the street food. First up, fish cake (500won per stick).

You can find this old man selling yummy fried fish cake at Namdaemun.

Followed by Dokbokki (rice cake), chicken stick, sausage with dok inside, fried chicken and potatoes and the list goes on. These food normally cost less than 3,000won.
Still hungry? You can order delivery to your hostel. We tried the Jajyangmyeon (5,000won, black noodles, supposedly a chinese dish).
If not, head to the convenience store (cheaper than family mart) and buy some cupnoodles, snacks and what nots.

Recommended items, from left going clockwise: Cheese biscuit (800won), rice wrap (750won), Seoul milk (750won), Banana milk (1,000won), Yoghurt (the pink box, a really special yoghurt, 1,300won), Market O Real brownie (can only buy from the bigger marts).

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