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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Korean Boyfriend Comes to Visit Singapore

I have been really busy for the entire month of May. Early May my boyfriend came to visit for a week and mid May onwards, I was busy with two business trips.

I had a hard time planning where to bring my bf since it wasn't his first time here. His last visit was in 2014.

Hotel is the most challenging of them all. My bf does have high expectation of hotels, not that it has to be high end but it has definitely got to be clean, quiet and come with comfortable bed. We also enjoy hotel breakfast as well as the swimming pool. After considering all the above, along with price, I have settled for Park Royal Hotel Pickering Street.

Comfortable bed - checked
Great swimming experience - checked
Nice hotel buffet breakfast - checked
Read online that Lime restaurant in Park Royal Pickering is highly acclaimed. The food was good but we have had better ones in Korea. It fell a little below my expectation but nevertheless, nice environment.

Nice gesture from the hotel
Informed the hotel that it was our anniversary when booking through Agoda and was heartened that they really did send up an anniversary cake (came with a card). Definitely good customer service.

Welcome drink
Hotel also provides welcome drink (lime drink) for their guests when the check-in queue got too long. We were actually checking out on that day and didn't notice the fast check-out box placed opposite the counters. We went to queue instead and got ourselves the welcome drink (not a bad deal).

My parents treated us to Jumbo seafood at riverwalk. The food was really good and these cost us around SGD300 for a table of 5.

We also visited Imperial Treasure for the dim sum. This is a must visit restaurant for my bf because dim sum is so expensive in Korea, not only that, it is also hard to find nice ones there. I don't have any photo for this though. We are quite amazed by the taste of the pork bun (crispy ones).

Another surprise planned was buffet lunch at Shangri-la hotel. The day we went, the hotel was hosting some conferences thus it got really crowded. We love the oyster, satay and dessert.

When you make reservation online, it will entitle you to 15% discount. You can also select the occasion that you are celebrating and the restaurant will present you will a complimentary cake. Although it's nice of them to delight customers with complimentary cake, considering that this is already a buffet, it seems quite unnecessary. It would have been good if they can offer something different from what is already available in the buffet spread.

We also went to Clifford Pier, my favourite place, not only for the food but also the ambience. They have live band starting at around 8pm if I am not wrong.

My usual at Clifford Pier will be the lobster roll (S$32), love the truffle fries.

Do check with them on credit card discounts when paying the bill.

After dinner at Clifford Pier, we had a nice walk along the river to Esplanade.

As we were staying in Park Royal, it was a short walk to Satay Club at Lau Pa Sat. Another hot spot for Koreans.

Astons is another of our favourite. I am sure no introduction is required as all Singaporeans should know where to find this cheap and good restaurant.

I don't usually eat fish but I was feeling sick on that day
Last but not least, my bf's favourite will be the Bah Kut Teh. We spotted lots of Koreans, apparently Song Fa Bah Kut Teh is highly raved in Korea so remember to bring your beau there. My bf actually bought back the bottled Song Fa brand dark sauce. This place is just beside Park Royal hotel.

Crazy queue

I had complimentary tickets to River Safari and it was something that he is also interested in so we spent an entire morning at River Safari. Most of the time, we were at the panda enclosure lol. We were able to breeze through River Safari by going on a weekday.

So cute, he/she stole the limelight
For the sake of photos but it tasted not too bad too
The tickets came with free river cruise which was a complete waste of time.

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